5 Easy Ways to Incorporate Self-Care

Doesn’t it seem like every time you open your social media feed you’re being told to practice self-care? Or being shown how others are doing it? International yoga retreats. Infrared sauna sessions. Naps during the middle of the day (gasp!). We know what you’re’ thinking. But where is the time???

Adding self-care into a daily regimen can seem inconvenient, or even intimidating because of this. But here’s the thing- it doesn’t have to be that complicated. There’s no need to attempt to choke down a green smoothie each morning or pretend to be interested in Rupi Kaur if it’s not your thing. What self-care really comes down to is learning how to prioritize yourself and your needs first. And there are a variety of ways in which that can be done.

It should be simple. You shouldn’t stress about figuring out the best way to practice self-care. That would be pretty counterintuitive, right? A five-minute meditation session, a warm soak in the bath or a phone call to a loved one in the midst of a stressful day will do. Don’t overthink it. Embrace the little things that bring you joy and simply do them more often.

It should also be easily replicable. Concerts, shopping binges and trips to the spa are all great and can certainly be uplifting. But it’s not practical to run off and do something lavish each time you find yourself in a bad mood. Instead, look to something you can easily do on a daily or regular basis. Perhaps it’s a decadent morning latte, a crossword puzzle or an invigorating face mask.

Here are few other easy ways in which you can practice more self-love:

Learn to say no more often

We live in a culture that glorifies busyness. We overcommit at work, we overcommit in our social life and we end up biting off more than we can chew. While it’s much easier said than done, learning to say no can be one of the most valuable gifts you can give yourself. And there’s a way to do it with grace. So, before you RSVP yes to your mom’s friend’s niece’s baby shower or happy hour with the coworker who loves to complain, stop and consider if you’ve gotten enough “me time” in first.

Eat more mindfully

Too often, we eat our meals on-the-go or while multitasking. But how you eat is almost just as important as what you eat. Because what we end up doing, in addition to settling for convenient rather than healthy, is denying ourselves the full experience of eating, which is an experience that can help us be more in tune with our bodies. So, next time, put the distractions away and revel in the nom!

Build a cozy space

A little Feng Shui can be great for the soul. By simply creating a space that feels warm and inviting, you establish an environment of sanctuary. A place that you can and want to retreat to when the going gets tough. A place to rejuvenate. So, how do you do this? Purge clutter and items from your home that don’t represent who you are or who you want to be. Fill it with ones that spark happiness and evoke energy. Fill it with sunshine!

Surround yourself with positive people

At the end of a long day, sinking into the couch with Netflix and a glass of wine may seem like the most inviting way to unwind. And sometimes it is. But we’re also social beings. Surround yourself with friends and family who cheer you on, inspire you and make you feel loved. It’s a good old-fashioned way to de-stress and can help them to do the same!

Create a skincare routine

A solid skincare routine can be a great way to consistently remind yourself that you’re worthy of being cared for (because you are!). Again, it doesn’t have to be anything too complicated. Start by incorporating a few quality products that you can build upon. Maybe it’s a nourishing hand lotion or a minty-fresh lip balm to use throughout the day. Remember to be picky though. Ingredients matter!

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